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CADC is the largest Community Action Agency in Arkansas, serving 12 counties and assisting more than 20,000 low-income individuals and families annually. CADC implements a philosophy of self-help through a decentralized, county-based structure and a process that provides innovative, practical and timely programs. The focus is also on services which emphasize education and employment readiness at all levels, and the development of problem-solving skills for people and communities.

An acute awareness of accountability at all levels has led CADC to focus on transitioning the board of directors to a broader representation of the sector, skills, geography and service area it serves. CADC has initiated a model program, the Community Leadership Development Program, in which CADC partners with community groups, public officials, and the business community to expand its board to be a reflection of the area it serves.

In 2003, Larry Cogburn becomes Executive Director of CADC. CADC is growing and responding to an ever-changing community. Its programs and services include early childhood education, elder services, nutrition, energy assistance, housing, weatherization, transportation, planning and development, consumer services, case management, and advocacy. The 21st Century promises to be an exciting time. The CADC Board of Directors and a staff are committed to excellence in helping improve the quality of life for families in Arkansas.

Our Mission
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