About liheap

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance

Program (LIHEAP) provides individuals and

families with short-term fuel assistance.

Persons receiving LIHEAP are connected to

family development resources, which provides

a link to long-term resources to help families

become self-reliant.

For information about the LIHEAP program call

(501) 326-6229 

Due to the high volume of calls, you may experience

busy signals. Alternatively, you may email your

QUESTIONS to the following email address, LIHEAPINFO@CADC.COM


The program is designed to lower the

energy burden for low-income households, who pay a high proportion of household income for home energy costs, by paying benefits for home energy bills.

LIHEAP Eligibility in Arkansas is based on both 60% of State Median Income and 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. Review the Eligibility Chart below to see if your household is income-eligible for benefits.

Where and when to apply

Apply in person at your local office

or online.

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Rights and responsibilities

Appeals Process

Download application

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