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During the 1970’s the agency began to develop new programs, including Senior Adult Centers, CETA Job Training, Community Food and Nutrition, Transportation, Family Planning, Energy Assistance, Weatherization, Alcohol Abuse and Housing Assistance. In 1973, CADC initiated the first Section 8 Housing Program in Saline County. This program was administered by CADC for four years. It was then transferred to the City of Benton and continues today.

During 1974 through 1979, the agency opened Senior Adult Programs in all counties, including Pike and Montgomery. Other programs were added as funding became available. In 1980, Pike and Montgomery Counties were officially designated as a part of CADC’s service area. Under the Five-County configuration, the Board size was set at 24 members with six members each from Saline, Hot Spring and Clark counties, and three members each from Pike and Montgomery counties.

CADC’s rural public transportation system, South Central Arkansas Transit (SCAT), was one of the first funded nationally as a Section 147 demonstration program in 1975.

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